Julie's Vision...

"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way."  Booker T. Washington

Look around your community and you'll probably notice there are lots of child care programs to enroll your children in.  Child Care is a very common thing.  Parents typically have a lot of options!  The more uncommon thing is a child care program whose owner is committed to EXCELLENCE.  After working in the child care industry for over 17 years, Julie Bartkus is on fire with a strong commitment to help child care owners achieve excellence in their child care programs while standing out as THE child care program of choice in their communities.

When you pull back the curtains and look inside of a Child Care Program of Excellence, you'll feel the difference.  You'll meet owners who are on-fire with a BIG vision for educating and inspiring the future.  That's the end result.  Our members know that attention to detail is what makes the end result achievable.  

Julie's Story...

Bringing BIG visions to life is what Julie Bartkus, founder of the Child Care Program of Excellence, is so very passionate about.  Early in her career she worked with several child care programs in various positions before moving into the corporate world.  And just like any true calling the child care industry found its way back into Julie's heart when she left Corporate America to begin her path of being a Motivational Speaker.

"My life was changed by motivational speakers like Les Brown and Zig Ziglar and Marianne Williamson.  I felt the seed of desire take root for me to begin my speaking career when I had a thought that wouldn't let up.  That thought was simple but yet, very profound.  It was quite simply:  What if I could help change people's lives with my words? And so my journey began."

Julie started speaking to anyone and everyone who was willing to listen including the old men at various community clubs.  As Julie's speaking career progressed, Child Care Owners and Directors began to attend Julie's events and they would approach her for help in creating their positive and productive environments for working and learning.  Shortly thereafter, she started working solely with child care programs.

It didn't take long for child care owners and directors from around the world to find Julie and enroll in her programs so they too could experience a transformation in how their child care program functioned.  Julie has clocked countless hours working on-site with child care owners and their teams to help them create a true quality child care program.

To deepen her commitment to Child Care Owners, she established what you're looking at today, her Child Care Program of Excellence.   It's her way of paying tribute to her clients who are truly dedicated to bringing their visions for excellence to life in their child care programs.  The obvious next step for Julie was to educate parents about how her clients are different and what their commitment to EXCELLENCE means and then to help them connect with a Child Care Program of Excellence in their community.

So what you're looking at today has evolved over time as Julie has brought her BIG vision to life.  Her Child Care Program of Excellence is so much more than a community of amazing child care owners - it's a new bar, a new industry standard for child care owners to reach.  It's a commitment to EXCELLENCE made by child care owners that will ensure you are dealing with a true quality child care program.

Julie's vision is that every parent who is searching for a quality child care program will ask the question:

Are you a Child Care Program of Excellence?

The Back Story...

"Every child has a seed of desire in their being for the path that is theirs to take.  A path that will lead them to their greatest happiness and a life that is truly fulfilling."  Julie Bartkus

The early years of a child's life are critical in determining how happy and fulfilled he or she will be as an adult.  If as a child you're filled with doubt and insecurities from the adults in your life - like a sponge  - you absorb all of those things and they stay with you forever.  This is why it's so critical for parents to find a child care program that you can truly partner with to help your child step into their life confidently, claiming their brilliance and owning an amazing future.  Not every child care operates with this level of awareness and commitment to the families who they serve.  This is what our commitment to EXCELLENCE stands for.

Julie shares...

I get it on a deep level.  Children need more than education - they need to gain emotional intelligence as they grow.  They need to be surrounded by adults who are fulfilled and happy in their own lives.  Because it's only when this happens that a child witnesses true behaviors, attitudes and skill sets that they can model and incorporate into their way of being.  What's the famous quote?  

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklin

As a child I was surrounded by adults who weren't happy.  They claimed to be and walked about with what I call "smiles on a stick."  You know what I mean.  It's like let's pretend to be happy and no one will know the difference.  But this impacts children profoundly.  They learn as they grow that their desires aren't that important to pay attention to and that they should follow the path that others deem as the successful route to a happy life.

Children have dreams and big imaginations that need to be cultivated and nurtured.  But so often that energy is stifled and they are told to keep their dreaming in perspective with the realities of the world.  I wanted to dance but adults in my life said no.  I wanted to teach and again the adults said not a good idea.  Every seed of desire that was planted inside of me was crushed by adults who had different ideas for me and my life.  It wasn't until I was going through a divorce later in my life that I realized that deep down inside of myself I was living my life for everyone else because I was taught early on that what I wanted to bring to life for myself in my lifetime was not okay on some level.  My career choices, my passions...everything.  Years later the lesson hit home again when I became a young window after my second husband passed away suddenly.  I was left totally alone thinking: How did I get here?  What is my path to creating a truly happy life?

If we can start early with the children, helping them to find their path, who knows what their lives will look like?

But if they are shown by the adults in their lives that "a smile on a stick" is good enough, it will be a challenge for them to find their path that leads to them being authentically and genuinely happy.

This is why when selecting a quality child care program - parents need to really look at the inner workings of the center.  Meet with the owner - are they on fire with a vision?  How truly happy are they and their staff?  Your children will be spending 4, 6, 8 hours or more a day with these people.  What attitudes, communication styles and self-confidence levels will be modeled for them?

This is the path that our Child Care Program of Excellence members engage in.  A path where they are genuinely and authentically happy.  They cultivate the seeds of desire in their hearts to bring to life a BIG vision which you see as their child care program.  They fill their child care program with dreamy staff to serve the families in their communities.  Then to top it off they build positive and productive relationships and implement powerful communication strategies to not only be fulfilled in their own lives but to also empower the children to learn these skills early on.

If there's a Child Care Program  of Excellence near you, I encourage you to meet with the owner and see if you can FEEL the difference.  I'm pretty certain you will!