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If you’re a parent reading this, please know this site is a totally free resource to help you connect with Child Care Program of Excellence Members in your area.  What you’re seeing on this site is an end-result of child care business owners who have stepped up and committed to working towards EXCELLENCE in the way they run their child care businesses.

If you’re a child care business owner who wants to stand out as THE child care program of choice in your community and make EXCELLENCE your visible goal in how you run your child care business, keep reading.  

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On this page is the starting process of your transformational journey.  When you fill in your information on this page you’ll be taken through our application process.  Just by making a decision to apply for Julie Bartkus’ Child Care Program of Excellence Mentorship, you’ll begin to experience a shift in your own mindset that will begin to support the changes you desire to make in your child care business.

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1.  You want to be full with a waiting list
2.  You want to be authentically and genuinely HAPPY with your child care business
3.  You want to attract and retain DREAMY staff and DREAMNY clients who are bought in to
     your BIG, BOLD, DREAMY vision
4.  You want to stand out as THE child care program of choice in your community
5.  You want to experience more time, FREEDOM and profits in your child care business
6.  You want to have a passion-driven leadership team
7.  You want to have an incredibly motivated staff who are on-fire and actively engaged with  
     your vision and mission
8.  You want only the BEST staff in place to support your clientele
9.  You want staff and clients to be your RAVING fans
10. You want to FEEL AH-mazing about the child care business you created    

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