Cindy Andrews

Owner, Creative Minds Learning Center
Creative Minds Learning Center
645 Heath Road
Heath, OH 43056
1 (740) 522-0995

“As soon as I met the owner, Cindy, and all the staff of Creative Minds I knew it was where I wanted my child to go. All the staff is amazing and treats the children like your own family would.” ~Brandi TaQ (Mom)

“If you enrolled your children, you would be able to experience firsthand the wonderful care that I see daily.” ~David Wears (Parent)

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Cindy's Vision for Children

When I founded Creative Minds Learning Center in 2013, it was based on the belief that families just like yours want a Christian, welcoming, secure and safe environment in which children's unique interests and abilities are nurtured and developed.

I have used my faith in God, my knowledge and my experiences as a mother to five awesome children, as a foster mother and as a parent mentor teaching parenting and discipline in families’ homes, as well as obtaining my AAS in Early Childhood Development and being a “hands-on" owner at my previous child care center in Pataskala, Ohio, for seven years, to develop Creative Minds Learning Center into "The Christian Child Center" of choice for Licking and surrounding counties.

Being able to see firsthand through my experiences with children how prayer and sharing God's love can give them self-worth and help them to make choices that are loving, caring and selfless has brought me to this time of wanting a place that accepts families as they are and giving them the direction through God's word to see their true beauty and worth.

From The Desk of Cindy Andrews…

As the owner of Creative Minds Learning Center I believe that positive experiences of infants, toddlers and young children are critical to their healthy development. It is through these positive experiences that a foundation is established from which children can reach their full potential. I also believe that parents are the primary role models in children’s lives. Therefore, it is my desire to partner with parents and the community of Heath to provide a Christian-based, stimulating, safe and nurturing environment that will allow children to independently explore and discover the world.

When your child enrolls at my center, the child will experience daily devotionals, mealtime prayer and an exploration of the Bible. With faith as part of the center’s core, and with staff and parents working together as a team, positive experiences abound for the children and a foundation is established from which children can reach their full potential.

Where my journey started…

I discovered early on when I worked as a parent mentor that parents need support. I had the opportunity to visit parents in their homes and coach them on parenting skills and discipline issues they were struggling with.  

True joy was brought to my heart when we built an effective partnership that benefited their children. One of the main techniques we worked on was consistency, so together we established rules to follow that would promote empowerment, respect and an engaged sense of responsibility.

When I saw parents and their children thriving after our coaching and skill development sessions, I knew 100 percent that my path was laid out for me. To this day, my passion is in partnering with the parents and the community of Heath to help raise our children to be fulfilled adults prepared to deal with life’s challenges while maintaining their integrity and respect for God and our community.

I am passionate about helping parents find quality child care that works best for their needs and values. I hope you’ll stop in or call and say hello! I am also available to speak at events where my expertise would be beneficial in educating participants on selecting quality child care as well as the top mistakes parents make when selecting child care for their children. Companies also find tremendous value in partnering with me to help reduce employee callouts due to lack of quality child care.